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Virtual Machine Manger vs HTTP Transfer


When converting machines or deploying from the library the default setting for VMM is secure by default so BITS will use HTTPS , this will ensure that data is encrypted from source to target , depending on your data policies it might not be a option to force HTTP , but in many cases we have the VMM placed within the cluster so its unencrypted from the VMM to the Hyper-V clusters it residing on so its very hard to intercept the traffic unless you have full control over the hyper-v servers and the switch they are connected to , but always verify against security policies

This will also greatly improve Physical to Virtual Conversions especially on servers with slow processors

This is screen from Virtual Machine Manager 2012 settings


When creating a new machine the Deploy File takes in our demo setup 1.30ish


to enable http we need to select “allow unencrypted file transfers” on the host group level


and Allow unencrypted transfer on the library in Virtual Machine Manager


The same deployment now takes 37 seconds so a significant improvement in performance , and there will be a lighter load on the environment as we don’t have to encrypt all data packages before moving them from the VMM server to the Hyper-V host


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