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3PAR SMI-S Provider and SCOM MP’s

Categories: 3PAR, Operations Manager, SCOM, Windows Server 2012 R2
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HP have updated their Management Pack to 3.1 and now supports Operations Manager 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 , after adding the Management Pack in a new installation it failed with wrong password for the SMI-S Provider no matter what i did.


So unable to logon , recreated user in different name same result


after digging around a bit and reading the documentation AGAIN , i could see that the SMI-S provider isnt started pr default , so a telent to 5988 comfirmed that the 3PAR wasnt listening on that port that explained why the logon didnt work


So logon to 3par and “startcim”


We then created a new user (instead of the 3parmon user just to seperate users)


And assigned the browse role


And back to the add HP 3PAR StorServ Storage System


And now with greater sucess


And after a little while we can see the install populating in Operations Manager

So always check the documentation again Smiley