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Oracle Linux Kernel Panic Hyper-V Numa

We ran into a issue that was resolved with our good friends from Microsoft , (thanks Michael and Tomas)


As soon as we went beyond the first numa node memory config we had a kernel panic

PANIC: Early exception 06 rip 10:ffffffff81c451bb error 0 cr2 0″

Long story short if you suck as much using VI as i do then DONT 🙂

Stick to the GUI instead , and leave the Linux for others

Hint to find this

[[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/cmdline

ro root=/dev/sda1 rhgb quiet numa=off

When we first booted after we thought we edited the setting we couldnt see numa=off at boot

So back to GUI for me at least


go to /etc/grub.conf


add numa=off on the kernel boot parameter


add memory to span numa nodes

and reboot


and sucess

Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4 running in Hyper-V spanning numa nodes on memory