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Using Microsoft Operations Management Suite and Applocker together

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We are trying to evaluate Microsoft Operations Management Suite together with Microsoft Applocker and Device Guard as a replacement for using 3rd party log tools to gather logs from mobile workstations (Device Guard covered in later post)

This is the first proof of concept tryint to monitor the data load pr source , before setting up automation to act on the alarms


The first baby steps is to create a OMS workspace


In OMS data settings we add the Windows Event Log used by Applocker


We download the OMS Agent


Hit the installer


And select connect to Microsoft Azure Operational Insight


Enter out workspace ID and Key to assiociate agent and workspace


a few seconds later we can see out clients added to the Microsoft Operations Management Suite

We then add our Applocker Policy


See that we arent allow to run a random exe file


We can then see in the eventlog that Applocker writes the usual 8004


We then go to Operations Insight , search for * EventID = 8004 , this can be limited more with adding the proper source , save the search


Add the Search to a shiny dashboard , we can now monitor


and drill down to see whats the app being blocked

Lenovo X250S , wont power on , power led blinking

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My Lenovo didnt start up yesterday , holding down power and removing battery didnt help


So after searching around removing the CMOS battery was suggested  , a few screws later and the internal battery and cmos battery was removed , and the pc could power back up.