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Monitoring Site to Site Connection Windows Azure Pack

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In Windows Azure Pack we can create NAT rules and Site 2 Site VPN connections.

The Gateway servers handles the connection and we have them monitored with Operations Manager

But from a operations point of view more info is always better

But due to the Network Virtualization we just cant push a agent to the server

So for each of our gateway clusters we created a VM in our Windows Azure Pack Portal and another VM behind a Site 2 Site VPN



So on our network we have created a Site to Site VPN


and after creating the Site to Site VPN tunnnel we can verify that we can ping a VM on the other side of the tunnel

and verify internet connection though a ping against a google dns server


Next step was to issue a SCOM Certificate from our CA server






Setup a host file so the Virtual Machine can find its way home to the operations manager server

And ensure that only each VM used for the probe can access the Operations Manager server though firewall rules



We then need a rule so the Operations Manager server can contact the agent on the VM


We then install the Operations Manager agent run the momcert import tool and points to our certificate

And after that we approve the agent in the Operations Manager Console


We then can setup a ping rule with the worlds best management pack from our friends at OpsLogix



And after a few minutes we can see the management pack in action and we can monitor our Site to Site connection




And to test if our endpoint stops responding we power off the VM used for the probe , we could have used internal interface of the firewall

but targeting a VM also lets us know that the basic infrastructure is alive



and after our threadshold is reached we can see that our endpoint is down and we can react


This is a very crude monitoring that works for the basic task of probing the Site to Site functionality

Additional montoring though logs and events on the gateways is also needed but this gives it the basic functionality of the gateway service