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New Service Manager Book out from Microsoft Press

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Hi All

Thomas Ellerman , Kathleen Wilsen , Karsten Nielsen and John Clark have written a book for Microsoft Press and edition by Mitch Tulloch

Microsoft System Center: Optimizing Service Manager

Its a free ebook so just in time for a early xmas gift for all your friends 🙂 , the book is out in print for about 2 cups of coffee

Changes in Hyper-V Backup in 2012 R2

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Aidan Finn pointed out in a recent post that there are changes in 2012 R2 Backup of Virtual Machines , as always its a good read

One change is that we rely on snapshots on the virtual machine what this looks like from a backup point of view


Create the Backup Job


Start the Backup


We can now see that a snapshot is being created will redirect write IO to the avhdx files



We can see the avhdx files created when the backup starts



And after the backup is complete the snapshot is being merged


Creating a additional backup


Repeats the pattern , shapshot backup cleanup


For recovery we can see the snapshots created during backup and a full recovery restores both vhdx and the xvhdx file


DPM == Sucess


And when we start the recovered VM it merges the delta files , and we can start the VM again

VM was consistent and didnt show any unexepted shutdown error when restarted

Oracle Linux Kernel Panic Hyper-V Numa

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We ran into a issue that was resolved with our good friends from Microsoft , (thanks Michael and Tomas)


As soon as we went beyond the first numa node memory config we had a kernel panic

PANIC: Early exception 06 rip 10:ffffffff81c451bb error 0 cr2 0″

Long story short if you suck as much using VI as i do then DONT 🙂

Stick to the GUI instead , and leave the Linux for others

Hint to find this

[[email protected] ~]# cat /proc/cmdline

ro root=/dev/sda1 rhgb quiet numa=off

When we first booted after we thought we edited the setting we couldnt see numa=off at boot

So back to GUI for me at least


go to /etc/grub.conf


add numa=off on the kernel boot parameter


add memory to span numa nodes

and reboot


and sucess

Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.4 running in Hyper-V spanning numa nodes on memory