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The Handle is Invalid , Live Migration 21052

Categories: Active Directory, Hyper-V
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I ran into a issue where live migration failed on all host and VM in a Hyper-V Cluster




The operation did not complete on resource Virtual Machine was the error code from failover cluster manager

No other visible errors in the eventlog related to Clustering




Taking the cluster resource offline and doing a repair didn’t help




However trying to ping the cluster name it responded pointing to broken name resolution as it replied back with a different ip address than excepted



Looking at the permissions the cluster object had full control


Deleting the dns registration and running the repair once again fixed the problem.

From the looks of it someone changed the ip addresse of the cluster object and that’s when the problem started


And after completed repairs the DNS status goes from The Handle is Invalid to OK

Share Nothing Live Migration Element not Found 0x80070490

Categories: Hyper-V, Windows Server 2012
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I ran into a issue where I couldn’t migration a powered on machine between to Hyper-V hosts without shared storage.

The error was Element Not Found. (0x80070490)

Destination host rejected the request



After digging around the only hint in the event log was the above , Virtual Machine Management Service blocked a connection request Event 20400


I then changed the network to use the dedicated ip address on both hosts istead of “use any available network for live migration”

Honestly not sure why I could ping on ipv6 , I suspect a 3rd party firewall but ran out of time to trouble shoot