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Recovery of Hyper-V Clustered VM Option 1

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With Data Protection Manager we can protect Hyper-V both in a stand alone and in a clustered environment

This post will cover how to recover a VM if its deleted by accident , more advanced scenarios / options will be covered in later posts

(in short don’t delete a VM if its broken power it off and recover)

Assumptions : Working Hyper-V Cluster / DPM Server

This post will show another way of recovering the VM to the original cluster , more Option Post to Follow for other methods.



Help someone ate our VM’s

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System Center 2012 R2 DPM Improvements

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So Islam Gomaa , Annur Sumar and Neele Syam Kooli had a session MDC-B401 at TechED North America

Really looking forward to see the new build and play around with it when its released for preview later this month

They key takeway of the public enhancements from my point of view is

DPM is fully supported using VHD/VHDX for short term store meaning we can run DPM server virtual , we can also use Synthetic Fiber Channel in HyperV to use the library between the virtual DPM servers , this is great news.

If thin provisioned vhd/vhdx are supported is yet to be seen but prehaps that can help with the storage usuage when DPM is generous with allocation.

Deduplication is yet nowhere to be found , deduplication of the vhd/vhdx should be possible with 2012 R2 but still unknown what the support will say to it.