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Windows Server 2012 Improved System State Backup DPM

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One of the pain points in Data Protection Manager 2012 is backup of the Windows System State on Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2

The backup created the local WindowsImageBackup folder that contains a backup of the System State , this depending on size is usually around the 10-15GB  range , this does not sound as much but it’s a full change every day.

So a daily backup of 50 servers system state can be 500-750GB change on the C: drive and 500-750GB for system state , if this then needs to be moved over the WAN connection everything takes time.

And with replication as Hyper-V replica its also additional data to move to secondary site , often adding a additional drive and moving the swap and system state can help.


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DPM 2012 SP1 Upgrade Failed Verify WMI Service is running

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I recently ran into a installation where the upgrade from Data Protection Manager 2012 to 2012 SP1 failed on mutiple DPM servers.

The Errror

[08-05-2013 14:22:52] *** Error : Setup cannot query the system configuration.

Verify that the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) service is running. If the WMI service is not running, in Control Panel, click Administrative Tools, and then click Services. Right-click Windows Management Instrumentation, and then click Start.
To troubleshoot this issue further, refer to

ID: 820
[08-05-2013 14:22:52] Information : The Data Protection Manager installation did not complete successfully. For details, click the Error tab.
[08-05-2013 14:34:45] Information : <<< Dialog >>> Progress Page : Leaving

Same result on all servers

During install of the service pack the following error was shown

[08-05-2013 14:22:11] Information : Got Error Message: Service MSSQL$MSDPM2012 is running under LocalSystem credentials. MSSQL$MSDPM2012 must run under local user credentials.DPM Setup will change the credentials to a local user account.
[08-05-2013 14:22:11] Data : Result = 33554436
[08-05-2013 14:22:11] Data : checkId = SqlServerReportingServices

So the DPM installations was changed from the default local user to running under local system

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