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One of the new features in service pack 1 for Data Protection Manager 2012 is the ability to scale out the protection of Hyper-V Clusters

Before SP1 there was a one to one relationship between a Hyper-V cluster and a DPM server , this had a impact of scale so the limiting factor in a Hyper-V cluster was the back engine.

There are a few limitations for this feature

It needs to be a fresh DPM install no upgraded

There is no support for DPM chaining


On the first install DPM server we push the agents to the Hyper-V hosts


And then on each of the Hyper-V Nodes



setdpmserver –add –dpmservername dpm02


On the next DPM server go to Agents – Install


Attach Agent Computer on trusted domain


Select the hyper-v nodes


And Attach them to the second DPM server


And we can now on both DPM servers attach VM’s for protection , note that there is no logic preventing your from double protecting a VM so make sure that the VM is only protected from one DPM server


Error 3184: DPM could not run the backup/recovery job for the data source because it is owned by a different DPM server.
Data source: \Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\AZ01
Owner DPM Server:

So adding the same VM to mutiple DPM servers wont work , so adding VM’s to the DPM server should be automated to prevent fault

And after adding a DPM server more we now




have the same Hyper-V cluster protected with 3 DPM server , scale limit is 800ish VM pr DPM server but we are likely to hit the storage limit before that so scale-out is your friend.


There are several ways to monitor your HP 3PAR , both with its call home features and 3PAR monitoring console , where you can drill down to each counter and feature and monitor/tweak each setting

But for the day to day monitoring we “just” want to know if the system is healthy and leave the deep level for the storage teams

For this we can use the integration from HP Storage Management Pack and get our 3PAR shown in the same Operations Manager Console as the rest of our enterprise is looking at.



Download the newest version of the HP Storage Management Pack , download can be found at ,( free login required)


For this install the Management Pack was installed directly on a management group server


Select the path for the Operations Manager install


The Management Pack have integrations for all major HP storage products , here only 3PAR is required (this is improvement from the old MP’s that imported everything)


Shouldn’t take more than a few minutes


Success ! Smile



in the 3PAR management console , create a user for monitoring purpose


3PARMonitor with the browse security role , during testing we had a issue with passwords containing some “!§ chars like this but due to time constrains we didn’t see if was the 3PAR or the Configiration Tool that had the limitation



Note the IP address for the 3PAR system


Start the HP Storage Management Pack Tool , add the IP address of the management server (in this case the same server as its installed on)


Add HP Storage System


Enter the IP address and the credentials from the newly created monitor user


Verify that the 3PAR is listed and close the tool


In Operations Manager , Object Discoveries select the two discovery rules and override and enable them


on the management server that have the configuration tool installed


After 600 seconds later we now have the the 3PAR in our diagram view , next is the integration with the SNMP traps from 3PAR more to follow


Marcel van der Berg posted about the new Hyper-V recovery Manager


Read his brilliant post and then

If you would like to be considered for this program please complete the Microsoft survey located here. Thank you in advance for your responses! We will only be contacting those of you that have been accepted to participate.

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I recently ran into a problem when deploying new machines either from a template or a “empty” machine


Error 801 Ensure the library object is valid and then try the operation again , looking at the library server there was access I could open the files no errors at all.

Bing Search to the rescue

When performing any operation on a virtual machine (VM) in System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), the job fails with the following error:
VMM cannot find the Virtual hard disk object’ error 801

That sounds like a spot on match


Backup VMM Database

Stop VMM Services

Run SQL Script

Start Services


And we back in action.

Not quite sure what caused the issue will try to look if I see it again.



A Question came up in the forum on how to protect cluster resources



HV01-04 is the Cluster Nodes , HVC01 is the Cluster Named Object


Install the agent on the four cluster nodes


And we can see the agent ready for action


And we can now browse the cluster and protect the resources in it.