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Microsoft have released the 2nd hotfix rollup for Data Protection Manager 2010

The download link for the update for Data Protection Manager and link to install instructions


If Data Protection Manager is installed on Windows 2008 R2 there is a requirement for hotfix to be installed before installing DPM hotfixes, the hotfix is available though Microsoft normal hotfix request system or other channels like premier so easy obtainable, installation of the hotfix will require a reboot of the Data Protection Manager server.

If Data Protection Manager uses a remote SQL server the SQL updates need to be applied after patching the Data Protection Manager Server , remote machines needs to apply the DPMManagementShell



Verify that no critical jobs are running before installing the update , if possible postpone until jobs have completed , if no jobs are allowed to fail you need to stop the protections groups manually



After the install there is a agent update available either for push installation from the console or as msp file from the “Data Protection Manager installation locationDPMAgentsRA3.0.7707.00” on the server or a separate full agent install as a exe file with /q as silent parameter



Verify again that no critical jobs are running , this is a place with room for improvement for future updates , it would be a much needed feature to put jobs on hold , but then again a failed job with dpm isn’t a disaster it should correct itself at next schedule.



And agent is updated and ready for action again.


And the protection computer is up to date in protection , I would always if possible create a manual recovery point to verify communication with agents.