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Windows Server 2012 vs Data Protection Manager , parallel backup support

Ease of file backup with CSVs

CSV features in Windows Server 2012 that help achieve a seamless backup experience for both backup applications and backup requestors include the following:

  • Support for parallel backups across CSV volumes and across cluster nodes


This post will cover the Parallel backup support , this is just one of the new features that just work Smile but is very very helpful


In Windows 2008 R2 it was not possible to run multiple backup jobs against a CSV volume if you didn’t have a supported hardware based VSS provider


Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V changes this and it is now possible to run jobs against the same CSV volume without a hardware based VSS provider



Create the protection group



By default Data Protection Manager will use the 3 VM’s limit

HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftMicrosoft Data Protection Manager2.0ConfigurationMaxAllowedParallelBackups

During testing I tried to change the MaxAllowedParallelBackup to higher than 3 without success need to explore that a bit more but 3 beats 1 every day of the week


Well that’s it actually instead of having to follow to get serializing to work for admins stuck without a supported hardware VSS provider it just works

Thank you Windows Server 2012


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