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Windows Server 2012 Cluster network name resource failed 1069


I ran into a problem in a test setup where a newly created Hyper-V Replica Broker wasnt able to start


Cluster network name resource ‘BROKER’ failed to create its associated computer object in domain ‘’ during: Resource online.

The text for the associated error code is: A constraint violation occurred.

Please work with your domain administrator to ensure that:
– The cluster identity ‘HVC01$’ has Create Computer Objects permissions. By default all computer objects are created in the same container as the cluster identity ‘HVC01$’.
– The quota for computer objects has not been reached.
– If there is an existing computer object, verify the Cluster Identity ‘HVC01$’ has ‘Full Control’ permission to that computer object using the Active Directory Users and Computers tool.


I recently moved the Hyper-V Servers to a new OU


opening th ecluster opbject i added Create Computer Object


And after adding the permissions everything is working.

So if you ever have to move the Hyper-V hosts to another container remember to update the security on the Cluster NamedObject


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