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Upgrading Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics from 1.4 to version 1.5

Our experience upgrading Microsoft ATA to version 1.5


Follow these steps to update to ATA version 1.5:

1.Download update 1.5

2.Update the ATA Center

3.Download the updated ATA Gateway package

4.Update the ATA Gateways

We did a prodcution upgrade of our ATA installation , and ratined data to avoid relearing everything

After the upgrade of the central ATA server we jumped into the ATA console


Health Center says System Healthy but a drill down to configuration shows that all gateways are outdated as step 4 wasn’t completed


So configuration shows all gateways needs a update


And since this is one of the first upgrades everything is handled manually


Update is 30 seconds in our environment


Gateways goes into not synced and after a few seconds its synced correctly and we can continue with the next gateways


And repeat times 4 , we had one gateway that needed a reboot


And we now have ATA running version 1.5 ready to detect once again

Overall very smooth installation and in our small environment we have less than an hour downtime for upgrading to a never and better install.

Personally I would love the system heath to report on the main screen that gateways needs update , if this is handled from separate teams in a large org it could be help full on the main screen