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Rebuilding Demo / Lab once again


Its that time a year again a clean install of the servers in our combined playground and demo enviroment , ripped out 5 old servers and added 4 new ones saving 20kw hours a day and with our power cost its adds up to 150ish euro a month.

The enviroment currently is mixed playground and customer facing demo enviroment this is mainly due to resource constrains and with new servers version hopefully presented at build its not getting any easier to fit , so more servers are on their way



Part one is the basic hyper-v enviroment , next is vmware and xen adding up with 6 servers dedicated to hypervisors.

Part two is Data Protection Manager 2012 SP1 running in a phsycial box to protect the enviroment

There are 2 other servers reserved for Virtual Machine Manager bare metal deployment everything else will be virtual.

Part three is “just” the remaining systemcenter parts , with focus om VMM/Service Manager and Operations Manager , and the integration glue with Orchestrator , Config Manager will follow for patching and protection but since i need to do a from end to end to deploy it its a nice to have at some point in time.

Part four is Direct Access , PKI , Remote Desktop Services

Part five is everything else Smiley


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