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Information Store (5352) The surrogate backup by Server has stopped with error 0xFFFFFFFF.

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Had a backup error with DPM 2010 against Exchange 2010 SP1 (issue was there before sp1 also) where no matter what we did Replica ended up inconsistent

Database backup completed but as soon as log backup started DPM stopped and the replica turned inconsistent

the mailbox server posted Event 914 Information Store (5352) The surrogate backup by Server has stopped with error 0xFFFFFFFF.

DPM Error Log

214C    17B4    10/05    11:52:05.133    03    clusterutil.cpp(2144)    [000000000486E540]    6A4EF04B-3B3A-452E-880A-AD3D2DF27FBA    WARNING    Failed: Hr: = [0x8007001f] Either the volume ?Volume{5a396542-a6be-11df-8ce6-18a9055b001a} is offline or the volume is not a clustered disk.
214C    17B4    10/05    11:52:05.133    31    vssfilereadhelper.cpp(883)        6A4EF04B-3B3A-452E-880A-AD3D2DF27FBA    NORMAL    ssLocalVolumeGuid = [?Volume{5a396542-a6be-11df-8ce6-18a9055b001a}], ssClusterVolGuid=[?Volume{5a396542-a6be-11df-8ce6-18a9055b001a}]
214C    17B4    10/05    11:52:05.133    18    readeriterator.cpp(108)    [00000000065CB240]    6A4EF04B-3B3A-452E-880A-AD3D2DF27FBA    NORMAL    CFileReaderIterator:AddIncludeFiles(filepath:L:Log XXX A-E, filespec:E02.chk, snapshotpath:?GLOBALROOTDeviceHarddiskVolumeShadowCopy9Log XXX A-E) called


Notice the path on the Log Files for Exchange

[PS] C:Windowssystem32>get-mailboxdatabase -Identity “xxx a-e” | fl LogFolderPath,edbfilepath

LogFolderPath : L:Log xxx A-E
EdbFilePath   : L:Databasexxx A-E xxx A-E.edb


The mailbox database in question was created with a space before the file location , that works with Exchange (amazingly enough”) but it breaks backup

So create new mailbox database without space and move content was our solution to that issue.


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