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Hyper-V 2012 R2 VLAN Blues


We have been building another Hyper-V platform and started with the management cluster , this will just use standard switches so we created a team and a Management Fabric network on that


We then set a VLAN for the VM’s , but no matter what we did it didnt work , looking at switches showed that the MAC address was in VLAN 10 no matter what we did


After digging around we looked at the network interfaces , and we had set VLAN 10 on the nic used for the Hyper-V Switch , so no matter what we set on the VM everything was forced to VLAN10

So we removed the network , set the default adapter for ManagementVM and then everything was working as designed

So its friday so we can laugh at ourself , DO NOT set a VLAN on Hyper-V port 🙂