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Data Protection Manager vs Hyper-V Replica (part 1)


With Hyper-V 3.0 we got the ability to replica VM from primary to secondary location so in the case of a site failure we can failover the VM and run them from the secondary location.

This still leaves a case for backup as Hyper-V Replica is a disaster recovery solution and not for long term backup as we can “only” keep 10 snapshots back in time.

From a Microsoft Support point of view there is no support for backup / recovery from a Hyper-V Replica Backup

This first part will show you what is support , 2nd part will cover the steps needed in case of a failover

From a IO perspective it would be very nice to be able to backup the Hyper-V replica as this would unload the primary storage system



So in this case we replica the fileserver FS01 from the Hyper-V Cluster to the DPM server DPM01



On the target side we have the Hyper-V Replica of the fileserver with the snapshot history so in case of a disaster we can choose what replica to start off from .


From a supported backup point of view we need to protect the primary replica , so in this case we backup the VM from the Hyper-V Cluster


Supported = Everybody is happy.



Unsupported = Don’t do it Smile


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