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Data Protection Manager vs Amazon Glacier

While we are waiting for SP1 for Data Protection Manager to go GA so we can use Microsoft Azure as a storage location there are other options available

Amazon have a low cost storage solution called Glacier that enables low cost storage online

This post will cover the basic integration between the services , the setup is not made with encryption of the same that is recomended.


Storage pricing is about 12$ pr tb pr month storage online , there is additional cost for transferring data ind and out of the amazon storage system 

the above link have detailed pricing so your mileage may differ.

There is no supported integration between Data Protection Manager 2012 and Amazon Glacier this integration demo is shown with filestreamer software and glacier-put utility to upload data the the amazon glacier


First step is signing up to glacier and addiing the vault to FastGlacier software


Next step is to create a long term protection to the filestreamer virtual tape libary



After the long term protection job is completed we can see the tape used


If we then go into filestreamer and unload the tapes , this is to ensure that no other jobs tries to write the tapes are we wil move them to the cloud


For testing using the gui works fine but fastglacier have a cmd line that ,can help automate these steps , also this is a demo with the free version the pro edition us up to 10 times faster for upload


And we now have a copy of our virtual tape on the Glacier , in a few hours i should be able to see cost for the upload + storage pr month after that


If we then need to reover data from tape we need to copy the data from glacier to the local storage and then add the file to filesteamer.

There is cost and time each time you need to recover data from Glacier so a balace on how long to keep the VTL locally before moving it to the cloud for “long” term storage will need to be found


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