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Data Protection Manager 2012 , SQL Auto Protection

note: just a simple post about Auto Protection.


One of the great many features of Data Protection Manager 2012 is the ability to auto protect newly created databases on a instance being protected , this feature was introduced in Data Protection Manager 2010 and is still alive and kicking in DPM 2012.


When you create the protection group and drill down to the SQL Server , you can select the databases you want to protect , this gives control but lacks the feature of automatically adding new databases when created , so the DPM admin have to reply on the DBA to inform that a new database is created and is needing protection.


If you select the SQL01 root level on the SQL instance (Auto) will show next to the SQL server indicting that all future databases on that instance will be added automatically to the protection group ensuring that we always can restore when the business needs it.

One feature still missing is beta 2 , is to be able to set Auto for all databases except xyz , not sure if its something we will see in the near future but it would be a nice one.


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