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Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 Fiber Channel Tape Sharing with a side of Install Part 2

This will be the posts focused on using Data Protection Manager with Tape Library Sharing



Data Protection Manager require a SQL server to function , in this setup using a local SQL 2012 SP1 is the design


Engine+Reporting Servers and Tools is required to install


For tape library sharing to function the SQL servers needs to be installed with a domain account , and the account needs local admin rights


Ensure that the account for running SQL have full rights


And a default reporting services install

After SQL install on both DPM01 and DPM02 we need to install DPM


The SQL install on all servers using Tape Library sharing needs to be installed the same way , so if one DPM server uses a local installed SQL server all instances of DPM needs to use a local installed SQL


If the SISfilter isnt installed before the DPM start DPM will install the filter and require a reboot.


After reboot its time to restart the installer on both nodes and select the localhost name as database


DPM for some odd reason dont have a trial install if you go keyless , most likely legacy from when DPM was bundles with SQL


Time to start the installer


And 5 minutes later we have a DPM install


On all DPM SQL installations enable the Named Pipes Protocol and restart the SQL Server


On the DPM server that is going be be using the Library in our case DPM02 we need to run

addlibraryserverfordpm -dpmserverwithlibrary

If there are mutiple DPM servers using the TapeLibrary the command needs to be used on all but the DPM01 that have the tape library “master” role


On the DPM01 we need to run AddLibraryServerForDPM -ShareLibrarywithDpm and again for mutiple servers if installed



And on the Library Clients in our case DPM02 we need to run SetSharedDPMDatabase -DatabaseName DPM01\MSSQLSERVER\DPMDB_DPM01 -DoNotMoveData

And enter credentials for our DPMSQL users that have both Windows and SQL Admin Rights


On the DPM server that will manage the tape library go to administration Library and hit Rescan


After the Library have been discovered run a Detailed Inventory to identify the tapes in the loader


After a rescan on DPM01 we can see that our tapes are Free and ready for use.


On DPM02 go to Administration and Library and Rescan


and on DPM02 we can now see that the tapes are free and ready for use.


To test the integration on DPM01 create a protection group add a few members and “Create Recovery Point”


And start the backup to tape


And after a few minutes we now have data on the tape.


And on DPM02 we can see the tape used is owned by another DPM install preventing from using it

Why use Library Sharing ?

Depending on hardware vendor but partitioning a loader might require a extra licens and sometimes hardware wise split the loader into even parts so a 4 drive loader with 48 slots will end up being 4 loaders with one drive and 12 slots using the shared feature one DPM server can access the whole loader instead of just 1/2 or 1/4 depending on hardware vendor

Sure we need Fiber and if the loaders dont start out with that its costly.