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Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 Fiber Channel Tape Sharing with a side of Install Part 1

This will be the posts focused on using Data Protection Manager with Tape Library Sharing

For Data Protection Manager to be able to use library sharing the Tape Library and the Backup Servers needs to be connected though Fiber Channel , no other data paths are supported

One other option is to use partitioning so one Library can be sliced up into mutiple devices , this will from a Data Protection Manager standpoint be treated as a standalone installation

The install here follow the reference documentation from but adding the steps to get the fabric configured

Call me old fashioned but i really still like Tape as long term retention , sharing the library will help keep cost down as we can use larger library

In this example we have 2 servers DPM01 and DPM02 , DPM01 will act as library server and DPM02 will act as library client.

Prereq : DPM01 and DPM02 are booting off the SAN in this example so their Alias and Zoning against the storage have already been completed


The servers have no library or tapes connected


From a Fabric point of view we login to our switch and create a “New Alias”


To keep things simple we create a Alias called Tape


On our list of world wide names we select the two tape drives in the library and “Add Member”


After creating the Alias we need to create a Zone that will enable access from the Library Servers to the Library.

So Zone – > New Zone


On the newly created Zone we add the Tape Alias and the DPM01 and DPM02 server

The two Alias for DPM01 and DPM02 was created the same way as the Tape , create Alias select WWN


After creating the Zone and Alias we need to enable the Zone Config , select DPMTAPE and Add Member

And to enable the Zone select “Enable Config” this will commit the changes and make the Libarary available for the two servers


And then its time to install drivers on both nodes.


For larger production workloads its recommended to have a dedicated server for handling the Library

On all other servers the Media Changer needs to be disabled


So in this environment the Media Changer on DPM02 must be disabled from the device manager

Part 2