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Data Protection Manager 2012 Backup Configuration Database


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There is one thing that cant be said to many times about Data Protection Manager (regardless of version) ALWAYS backup the configuration database and when you have created one backup create another one.

DPMBackup.exe this can be schedules with windows task scheduler to create backup and then move of the Data Protection Manager server so if there is a hardware failure you will be able to recovery the database fast and start restoring data.

DPMBackup –db –targetlocation C:DPM will create a backup of the local database instance and place the bak file in C:DPM



The DPMBackup calls SQL and creates a regular SQL to file backup.


Or you can on the locally Data Protection Server select the databases and place then in a regular protection group , you need to ensure that to goes to tape on a regular basis.


If possible i prefer to add one additional Data Protection Manager and use that to protect other Data Protection Managers Configuration Databases , so push a agent to the Data Protection Server


And add the SQL database


and set a retention range that fits your environment , short retention should be fine this is only to help if the database gets corrupt or the Data Protection Server vanishes into thin air.


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