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Data Protection Manager vs Exchange 2010 DAG Failure


I recently ran into a problem where the Data Protection Manager replica of the Exchange 2010 Database kept failing with Replica is Inconsistent  , after a rerun with Preform Consistency Check the result was the same



Looking at the event log on the Exchange Server listed possible VSS writer error


Event 2112

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service VSS Writer instance b730cfbf-41a4-40bd-8b08-ac7a7bc0c333 failed with error code 80070015 when preparing for a backup of database ‘Database1’.

Event 2024

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service VSS Writer (Instance b730cfbf-41a4-40bd-8b08-ac7a7bc0c333) failed with error 80070015 when preparing for a backup.


But the vssadmin list writers

Writer name: ‘Microsoft Exchange Writer’
Writer Id: {76fe1ac4-15f7-4bcd-987e-8e1acb462fb7}
Writer Instance Id: {a1f4aad9-ecfb-434e-a765-db63590ab810}
State: [1] Stable
Last error: No error

reported no errors


The replica of Exchange Mailbox Database Database1  inconsistent with the protected data source. All protection activities for data source will fail until the replica is synchronized with consistency check. You can recover data from existing recovery points, but new recovery points cannot be created until the replica is consistent.

For SharePoint farm, recovery points will continue getting created with the databases that are consistent. To backup inconsistent databases, run a consistency check on the farm. (ID 3106)


DPM encountered a retryable VSS error. (ID 30112 Details: VssError:The writer experienced a transient error.  If the backup process is retried,
the error may not reoccur.


But looking at the Exchange databases I would see that the passive database had failed



Reseeding the database and rerunning the job fixed the issue



But then again we should always look at operations manager first Smiley


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