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Auto Protect Hyper-V Guests Data Protection Manager 2012

Microsoft been so kind of creating AddNewClusteredVM.ps1 script for Hyper-V and Data Protection Manager , this script will enumerate all virtual machines in a cluster and add them to a protection group, as there is no “auto” protect options in Hyper-V clustering as there is on SQL protection this should save some time and errors.


For the script to work there needs to be a protection group ready for this




So we create a protection group in Data Protection Manager console

running the AddNewClusteredVM.ps1 with cluster fqdn and protection group

Enter the cluster FQDN :
Enter the name of your existing Hyper-V protection group : Hyper-V                                                              
Running Inquiry on
Running Inquiry on Available Storage
Running Inquiry on Cluster Group
Running Inquiry on SCVMM DHCP01 Resources
Running Inquiry on SCVMM IPAM01 Resources
Running Inquiry on VMM01
Running Inquiry on VMMDB01
Waiting for inquiry to complete 0 item(s) obtained.

Inquiry listed 6 item(s)…
Adding data source Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\DHCP01 to Hyper-V
Adding data source Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\IPAM01 to Hyper-V
Adding data source Backup Using Child Partition Snapshot\VMMDB01 to Hyper-V
Adding new Hyper-V data sources to Hyper-V



The powershell script adds the unprotected servers to the dpm server’s protection group


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