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3PAR Central Management Console 2.0

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Calvin Zito and Ivan Iannaccone from HP been showing the demo from the 3PAR Central Management Console , and after @3ParDude asked about it Ivan offered acces to download Smiley 

So after getting the bits Smiley its time to install




TCP port for listener


5 min install


Set a admin credential to add/remote 3PAR systems


Add Storage Systems


Add systems pr ip address or dns


Accept Certificate to add system to the central console


Accept and Cache

image ,

After logon start the Management Console , overview of functions


And a partial look at the dashboard Smiley for compliance reasons , need to play more

HP Thank You !

3PAR Management Pack StorServ “Error”

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So after installig the HP management pack on a new shiny 3PAR installation we started getting StorServ Errors in the Operations Manager Console


Looking at the alert it seems that the Exchange 2013 Management pack “triggers” SCOM alerts


Looking the Operations Manager log shows the error that is picked up from the 3PAR management pack


Looking at the 3PAR storser alert rule it triggers in event 102 on the operations manager log that explains why it “think” the Exchange MP is generating alerts for the 3PAR SNMP integration.

a more detailed filter on the alert rule would fix this , but moving the snmp endpoint to a agent instead of a a management server will work as a workaround

If you are running HP 3PAR and Microsoft Operations Manager you are most likely running HP StoreFront 4 integration so you can enjoy the integration between HP and Microsoft

There is a file that apperated on the HP download site early december (that i missed until now)

That contains a security update for StoreFront MP 4 and 4.1



Patch #411 for HP Storage Management Pack 4.0/4.1


This patch addresses security vulnerabilities in HP Storage Management Pack (MP) for HP 3PAR StoreServ.

It needs to be applied only if you are using version 4.0 or 4.1 of HP Storage MP to monitor HP 3PAR StoreServ.

Management Pack service will be restarted during the patch installation. It takes about 15-20 seconds.

Note: If you have applied the patch prior to upgrading from SCOM MP 4.0 to SCOM MP 4.1; you have to re-apply the patch post upgrade.

Applicable Versions:

HP Storage Management Pack v.4.0 or v.4.1

How to apply:

Run ‘mp411.exe‘on the system wherever SCOM server is running.



Patch will restart the integration.

So please PATCH ASAP

Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

Important Before Update Rollup 4, you had to run an SQL script after you installed an update package to make sure Update Rollups function correctly. As of Update Rollup 4, this step is no longer required.

Besides all the great fixes we no longer need to run SQL scripts manually

YEAH , so many missed this requirement

With the release of update rollup 4 for Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 , it is now supported to protect a remote SQL server running SQL 2014 (about time)

There are still some features that isnt supported to test and verify , will support/require SQL 2014 as DPM database target but in 2012 R2 UR4 its protected data only

Install is pretty straight forware as usual

Push the agent , will require a reboot due to updated filter driver


After server have been reboottet verify that SYSTEM have sysadmin rights on the SQL server you want to protect


Create new protection group


Select Servers


browse the SQL instance , and select auto to ensure that all databases will be added


Name the protection protectoin group , in the demo setup there is no tape libarary so short term only


And a hourly backup


Sucess ! Smiley


and a few minutes later we now have a valid backup , ready for first restore test